Swing Republic (initially a side-project of successful Danish songwriter and producer, Per Ebdrup) are one of the original pioneers of the Electro Swing sound. Their first album Electro Swing Republic was released in 2011 when the genre was a barely-defined movement in club nights across Europe. It was one of the first full-length Electro Swing artist albums (as opposed to a compilation) and became an instant cult classic notching up silver disc status and achieving (to date) over 8 million Spotify streams.

The second album Midnight Calling (2013) saw the introduction of fellow Dane, jazz vocalist, Karina Kappel and took a more song-based approach to the genre steering away from the samples of the first album. It also included the swing cover of Crazy In Love (a much-imitated version of the Beyonce tune) that has since notched up over 6 million plays on Spotify alone, achieved even higher numbers on YouTube and inspired the version that appeared in the film The Great Gatsby.

Swing Republic continued this success with a string of singles and EP’s The Ballroom EP (2011), Crazy in Love Remixes (2012), The Return Of… (2014), a further album melding the style of both the first two albums Mo’ Electro Swing Republic – Let’s Misbehave (2015), and the recent EP’s Musicians (2017), Long Legs (2018) and Back In Time (2018).

This new Best Of compilation selects highlights from all of these including material that was until now available only on CD. The last eight years have seen Swing Republic produce music that strikes a resonant balance between contemporary electronic and vintage swing; and this has been key to their huge popularity. They remain one of the artists that has come to define the contemporary sound of swing.


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16th Jan 2016 – Poland

16th Oct 2015 – HongKong

2nd Oct 2015 – Odense, Denmark

2nd May 2015 – London, UK

1st May 2015 – Brighton, UK

3rd Apr – Odense, Denmark

21st Feb 2015 – Copenhagen, Denmark

2nd Oct 2014 – Paris, France

4th Jul 2014 – Copenhagen, Denmark

8th Jun 2014 – Køge, Denmark

5th Apr 2014 – Aarhus, Denmark

5th Oct 2013 – Berlin, Germany

8th Jun 2013 – Odessa, Ukraine

7th Jun 2013 – Køge, Denmark

25th May 2013 – Flensburg, Germany

24th Nov 2012 – Odessa, Ukraine

18th Oct 2012 – Amsterdam, Nederlands

14th Oct 2012 – Sofia, Bulgaria

28th Sep 2012 – Moskow, Russia

29th Sep 2012 – St. Petersburg, Russia

31st Aug 2012 – Novosibirsk, Russia

26th May 2012 – Apple Flower Festival, Denmark

12th May 2012 – Newcastle, UK

28th Apr 2012 – Munich, Germany

21st Apr 2012 – Malmo, Sweden

20th Jan 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

31st Dec 2011 – Antwerp, Belgium

10th Dec 2011 – Århus, Denmark

1st Oct 2011 – Edinburgh, Scotland

28th Aug 2011- Florence, Italy

3rd Jun 2011 – Naples, Italy

19th Apr 2011 – Bucharest, Romania

18th Mar 2011 – Paris, France

4th Mar 2011 – Silkeborg, Denmark

20th Nov 2010 – London UK

19th Nov 2010 – Brighton